Web & Mobile Solutions

At SoMobe Tech we build custom applications to help improve your business processes and the interactions you have with your customers

Web and Mobile Solutions

We specialize in web, mobile platform, and integrated systems that improve your company’s communication, operation, and customer interaction. Stay ahead of the competition with a custom mobile application for in-house or business-wide use. Improve customer satisfaction as SoMobe works to deliver a one of a kind user experience for your customers.








  • Client Interaction – Provide your clients with one of a kind insight into their project. Customize what they are able to view for additional privacy and security.
  • Task & Ticket Management – Manage all internal tasks and assign them to their respective owners. Track, respond, and take action on your client’s questions or issues in one centralized location.
  • Communication – Tired of the emails or phone calls to only one person on the team? Our app provides a project-specific messaging system that enables everyone to get the message.
  • Notifications – Be instantly informed of project actions by enabling push notifications when you’ve received a task, request from a client, or more.
  • Document Management – Go digital and keep your documents at the ready. Out in the field and need to verify a change request? Pull it up on your phone or tablet.
  • Photo Journals – Upload pictures with tasks or client issues. Allow your clients to take photos of their project’s progress to create their own unique photo journal.
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For additional inquiry or to set-up a demo please contact SoMobe Tech by phone 210 201 6910 or by email contact@somobetech.com or through the contact form below.